Are you looking to renovate a small area in your home? Would you like to include a shimmering quartz or natural stone countertop in this space? HGBStone Calgary has several quartz and stone remnants in stock that are ideal for this purpose. It’s an affordable way to jazz up those overlooked rooms, with HGBStone also offering you different options for installation.

Quartz and natural stone remnants are the leftover pieces from completed countertop jobs that are tucked away, and sometimes forgotten, in a fabrication shop. Destination dump is how we look at it in the industry. But it doesn’t have to be that way. These gems are just waiting to be selected by customers who want that crowning jewel to complete their small home or business renovation project. A quartz or granite remnant will add a touch a sparkle to any laundry room, basement bathroom, kitchen pantry, or workspace, giving you something nice to look at while you’re folding those socks or unpacking grocery bags.

From a cost standpoint, the benefits of using a remnant for a countertop can’t be beat. HGBStone pricing is based on the size of your required countertop, the number of sink or hole cut-outs, and the type of finishing edge you select, not the piece of stone you choose. It is a leftover, after all. Standard edges are the popular squared Eased, the traditional ¼ Bevel, and the softer ¼ Round. Anything more elaborate, like an Ogee edge for a coffee table, and there will be a linear foot up-charge. But keep in mind that what you spend on edges, you are saving on stone.

The other cost benefit is that if you purchase a remnant, HGBStone gives you the option of installing the finished piece yourself. Just bring us your measurements, sink location (if required), and we will cut your selected quartz or stone remnant to your exact specifications. If you do it this way, you will save on the template appointment and countertop installation. But if you’d rather have us do the work for you, HGBStone charges an affordable fee of $300 for installation, plus GST (for the first countertop piece), if you live in the Calgary region. The savings are considerable, especially if you doubt your own skills with a measuring tape or you don’t have a backseat big enough to get your finished countertop home.

If you would like to view HGBStone’s selection of quartz or granite remnants, we invite you to visit our showroom at 342-40th Ave NE. You’re also welcome to call us at 403-273-8668 to make an appointment. Bring a piece of cabinetry, tile, and whatever color samples you have, and we’ll give you a tour of our very own jewelry shop and help you select a remnant that’s ideal for your countertop project. It may only be a laundry room or pantry that you want to spruce up, but these are the hard-working spaces in every home. They are certainly deserving of a fresh coat of lipstick now and again. A leftover quartz or natural stone remnant, fabricated and polished to the shine of diamond ring, will keep it out of the landfill and give new life to these unnoticed areas. And although you may not want to spend more time folding socks or unpacking grocery bags, at least you might smile while doing it.