HGBStone has been proud to sell quality Pearl kitchen and bath sinks, faucets, and accessories to our customers from our own storefront in NE Calgary since 2011. If you don’t see the Pearl sink/faucet you’re looking for here, we have Pearl catalogues on hand for you to take and peruse at your convenience. The complete range of Pearl products can be viewed at lifewithpearl.com, and you’re also welcome to visit their elegant showroom at 9 – 6143 4th St. SE, Calgary. Once you make your selection, contact your HGBStone sales representative and we will be happy to provide you with pricing.

Why choose Pearl? HGBStone has faithfully represented Pearl sinks/faucets to our granite and quartz countertop customers for so many years because of some very important reasons, including Pearl’s extensive selection of tasteful and contemporary designs. Some might find it difficult to get excited about kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures, at least until your bathroom faucet starts leaking or your kitchen sink isn’t draining properly because it’s defective. Then let’s see how fast customer service becomes your primary concern.

The staff at HGBStone has found the Pearl team to be superb in this regard. From a contractor’s standpoint, what HGBStone orders from Pearl one day is typically delivered to our shop the next. From a client’s point of view, Pearl’s limited lifetime warranty on their sinks and faucets can give you confidence that they stand behind the quality of their product. HGBStone clients have had few issues with their Pearl choices, but when they do, our staff has always found the Pearl team quick to resolve the problem.

If Pearl’s large selection of artfully designed products isn’t dazzling enough, then you’re sure to be impressed by their affordability when considered in relation to the superior materials used to create their impressive line of sinks, faucets, and other plumbing fixtures. Not to bore you with the details, but Pearl uses only T304 or surgical grade stainless steel for their sinks. The Pearl website says that this makes their sinks “highly resistant to corrosion and rust while highly durable with great malleability.”

Moving next to Pearl’s NuGranite sinks, which come in 6 pleasing designs and 4 fashionable colors, they are created from what Pearl describes as a “cutting-edge hybrid material” of “durable blend polymer made of granulated granite and acrylic resin”. You can find out more on Pearl’s website; all we know is that HGBStone clients really like Pearl’s NuGranite sinks, and they love the cost even more. When compared to other top-selling composite granite sinks, Pearl pricing for their own NuGranite line is surprisingly affordable. The same can be said of all their kitchen, bar, and bathroom faucet designs. Pearl has gone beyond the usual chrome, brushed nickel, and brushed stainless steel faucets and is now embracing matte black, champagne gold, and rose gold finishes for these items. Whether your style is vintage or modern, Pearl has an impeccable faucet for you at a price that won’t make you blink twice. And if you’re one of those people who wants to know about the inner anatomy of these items, lifewithpearl.com will be delighted to oblige you.

Gone are the days of singular sink and boring faucet offerings that leave families giving not much thought to their plumbing fixtures, other than during the time they spend washing dishes or brushing their teeth. These items and lights and mirrors, as well as accessories like hand towel holders and sink grids, are now not only designed to make your life more comfortable, but they are also meant to fit into the greater scope of your design style. With Pearl you don’t have to worry, even if you don’t have a knack for putting things together in your home like a seasoned interior designer. Pearl accessory sets are conveniently grouped and priced together so that your towel bar matches your toilet paper holder.

We understand that one should offer a useful tip in a post such as this, so here’s ours. When it comes to selecting a kitchen sink, function is just as important as design. The staff at HGBStone recommends you choose a sink that complements the way you wash and rinse your dishes. Do you prefer to wash and rinse in one bowl or two? If it’s always been two, then don’t be seduced by the polished rims of a Pearl single bowl FINA-P when a double bowl FINA-E is what really suits your washing-up regimen. And if you like to soak that enormous Sunday roast pan overnight before tackling it the next morning, then the spacious Pearl single bowl HANA-P is probably a better choice than the offset bowl design of the striking HANA-SLR. This is just one of the things that HGBStone staff has learned over the past 10 years as a proud retailer of Pearl plumbing fixture products. To hear more tips, we invite you to pay us a visit. Alternatively, when it comes to selecting the perfect sink and faucet for your kitchen, or toilet and shower set for your bath, we can guarantee that the staff at the Calgary Pearl showroom are most helpful and expert in all things plumbing.