Your Introduction to Stone

Now that you’ve made the decision to install natural stone and/or engineered quartz in your home or business, you need to navigate the murky waters of product selection, and everything that follows it.  There are many decisions to make when it comes to choosing your countertop product.  Do you want granite or quartz?  Perhaps you’re opening a restaurant and ultra-hygienic Corian® seems like the best choice.  

Once you’ve made that decision, what color do you want?  Is your design palette warm or cool?  Would you like your stone polished, leathered, or honed?  What type of edge profile will suit your existing cabinetry or the design style you’re trying to achieve in your home or business?  Do you want to purchase backsplash tile, as well?

The questions seem endless.  Without an experienced sales representative to guide you, the wrong decisions could be made, or you might become frustrated enough to give up on the project entirely.  It’s HGBStone’s job to make things easier for you.  We know exactly what to ask to remove the stress from the selection process, and we will help you make your choices quickly, keeping your budget in mind.  To get you started, following is an introduction to the selections available at HGBStone.  No matter where your process begins, we look forward to meeting you at our N.E. Calgary showroom soon.