Gone are the days of being limited to a polished surface when it comes to selecting your preferred stone for your countertops.  The type of finish you choose will go a long way to enhancing your other design selections in your home or business.  In the world of interior design and decorating, texture is as important as color.  Both work together to create a harmonious atmosphere that is appealing to the eye and touch.  Today’s stone suppliers and fabricators know this, and they are now offering their product in a variety of finishes, such as leather, honed, and polished.  There are more, of course, but we have limited it to the most popular choices.  Descriptions of each are provided to give you an idea as to how you can add a level of depth to your HGBStone installation project that you might not have considered before.

If you’re looking for a countertop that has a leathery feel to it, and a delicate sheen that tempers the colors and patterns of natural stone, then a leathered finish might be right for you.  Also called a “river wash” or “antiqued” finish, a leathering machine “brushes” the stone until a grainy surface is revealed.  Ideally suited for darker stones, color enhancer is added to boost its natural colors.  Even so, leathered stone has a mellow, natural appearance that works well if you’re trying to achieve a rustic look in your home or business.  Leathering isn’t limited to natural stone either.  Today’s quartz manufacturers recognize the appeal of leathered stone, and they are now producing slabs that have this flinty appearance.

Honed stone has a matte finish that is smooth to the touch.  Stone is “chaffed” mechanically until it is silky soft.  Imperfections are removed through this process, so that the natural brightness of the stone is revealed.  Honed stone is ideal if you have a “relaxed” design style.  It’s also great if you have kids or pets – scratches are less visible.  You don’t have to worry about maintaining a high-gloss finish, meaning it’s easier to maintain.  HGBStone either purchases these slabs directly from our suppliers, or we can send your stone to be honed.  Once again, many quartz producers are crafting “honed” slabs, with engineered “concrete” quickly becoming a favorite countertop choice.

Despite the other options, a “polished” finish is still the most popular selection for natural stone and quartz countertops.  Sophisticated, elegant, refined – polished stone shines like a jewel and, once installed, it is like any other work of art in your home or business.  Natural stone is a diamond in the rough.  Polishing a slab reveals its true personality and every colorful nuance.  Veins, fissures, and crystals pop equally, giving a well-dressed look to your surroundings.