Who doesn’t think of grilled skillet cookies in the summer once the barbecue is fired up! Easy to make, delicious to eat, there’s nothing better than digging into your old cast-iron skillet, before spooning a forkful of warm cookie and melted ice cream into your mouth. Grill to table-top dining is the best when you’re eating outdoors. Who wants to fuss with serving dishes and trivets to protect your patio table, which will certainly be damaged with the blistering heat of a cast-iron skillet fresh off the grill! Don’t worry, though, with the production of some superior outdoor surfaces that can withstand extreme temperature changes and the elements, HGBStone has the answer to your exterior countertop and patio table woes.

Cosentino’s DEKTON ultra-compact matte surfaces are ideal for exterior countertop application. Cool to the touch, pleasing to the eye, these sintered-stone style slabs are available in a variety of thicknesses and sensational colors that can be installed just about everywhere the eye can travel in your backyard oasis. Perfect for your outdoor kitchen, DEKTON will add depth to your project and conveniently move your indoor cooking space outside. And by convenience we mean no cutting boards or trivets are required to protect these tough cookies. Engineered from a combination of glass, porcelain, and quartz (even recycled), heat and pressure are used to create a virtually indestructible surface that can’t be scorched, scratched, or dulled by long, hard winters and lazy, hot summers. DEKTON invites you to embrace your inner caveman and toss that seared black and blue steak right onto your countertop, then carve it up hibachi-style to serve to your hungry guests, no plates required. Its maintenance-free character means you can clean it off with a garden-hose, and start fresh the next night with, what, baked Alaska set a-flame on this astonishing shock-free surface?

LAMINAM Superior Natural Surfaces is another awe-inspiring countertop choice for your outdoor space. Like DEKTON, their eco-friendly natural slabs are perfect for countertops and patios, and they even make a stunning architectural choice for exterior wall applications. It won’t be long before people say goodbye to river rock in favor of sweeping calacatta-veined LAMINAM slabs that complement, even replace, the other architectural details on the outside of their homes. Resin-free and made from organically-sourced stone material, LAMINAM is porcelain on steroids – fire and frost-resistant panels whose elegance is matched only by their industrial strength. Rest assured, the tartest lemon sliced on your new LAMINAM outdoor countertop will have no hope of staining it or altering the taste of your favorite barbecue salmon recipe. With numerous designer (and we mean designer) colors to choose from, LAMINAM is a feast for the eyes that will deliciously complement your tastiest summer dishes.

This brings us to Caesarstone, last but certainly not least, truly a place to rest your eye after a long, hot day, when you’re craving relaxation, a cold drink, and perhaps a grilled calamari salad. Gentler on the sight and to the touch, Caesarstone’s outdoor quartz collection has a sublime Adriatic vibe paired with a new durability that makes these serene slabs ideal for outdoor countertop installation. Maintenance-free and stain resistant, your luxurious Caesarstone Palm Shade, Clearskies, or Midday countertop, backsplash, and patio table won’t be troubled by weather or the careless drop of a utensil. Although these countertops won’t like your hot, cast-iron skillet, your earthenware serving dishes will pair beautifully with these well-mannered surfaces that are content to be a graceful backdrop to the more dramatic elements of your outdoor kitchen project.

DEKTON, LAMINAM, and Caesarstone – 3 tough cookies in the world of engineered surfaces that prove the outside is just as important as the inside when it comes to designing the overall character of your home. HGBStone offers competitive pricing for installation of these quality slab products. Contact us at 403-273-8668/info@hgbstone.ca for a quote. We won’t expect an invite to your next barbeque either. A raised glass toasting your beautiful new outdoor kitchen will be all the thanks we need!


*Photos courtesy of Caesarstone (Palm Shade 515 honed quartz) , Cosentino (DEKTON Trillium matte ultra-compact surface), and LAMINAM Superior Natural Surfaces (Sahara Noir Extra – Naturali Series).