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Your Introduction to Stone

Now that you’ve made the decision to install natural and/or engineered stone in your home or business, you need to navigate the murky waters of product selection, and everything that follows it.

There are many decisions to make when it comes to choosing your countertop/stone product. Do you want granite or quartz? Perhaps you’re opening a restaurant and ultra-hygienic Corian® seems like the best choice. Once you’ve made that decision, what color do you want? Is your design palette warm or cool? Would you like your stone polished, leathered, or honed? What type of edge profile will suit your existing cabinetry or the design style you’re trying to achieve in your home or business? Do you want to purchase backsplash tile, as well? The questions seem endless. Without an experienced sales representative to guide you, the wrong decisions could be made, or you might become frustrated enough to give up on the project entirely. It’s HGBStone’s job to make things easier for you. We know exactly what to ask to remove the stress from the selection process. We will help you make your choices quickly, keeping your budget in mind. To get you started, following is an introduction to the selections available at HGBStone. No matter where your process begins, we look forward to meeting you at our N.E. Calgary showroom soon
White granite slate

Granite is the result of magma cooling and crystallizing below the surface of the earth.
Composed of feldspar, quartz, mica and other minerals, every granite slab is wonderfully unique. The colors, pattern, and veining are different for each slab, even if they are cut from the same block. Granite will make your entire construction project sparkle, and it can even add value to your home or business. It has been suggested that granite increases in worth by 25% as soon as it’s installed.

Because each slab of granite is like no other, HGBStone asks our customers to view their selected granite at one of our stone suppliers prior to purchase. That way we can put your preferred slab(s) on hold. We will also discuss the placement of the template on your stone. That way you know how the finished project will look prior to fabrication and installation.


Quartz is an engineered stone made from crushed quartz.
Once colour is added, resin is used to bind everything together. Quartz patterns are more consistent than those found in natural stone, and slabs are available in a range of stunning colours. Quartz is popular because of its low maintenance, hardiness, and heat resistance. It is a non-porous material that isn’t prone to staining, and there’s no risk of it harbouring bacteria or viruses. HGBStone boasts an extensive quartz display, but don’t let that scare you. Our experienced staff can help you narrow your choices quickly, depending on your budget and décor. We will also make it convenient for you to view your selected quartz slab at your preferred supplier.

Quartz surface white for bathroom or kitchen countertop
Marble background

Marble is a metamorphic rock prized for its crisp look and tasteful patterns.
There are many variations of marble on the market today. Each one is unique depending on where it’s quarried. Since marble is formed from calcium carbonate, it has a reputation for being a delicate and porous natural stone. It can scratch and stain easily, meaning it’s well-suited for bathroom applications. Still, with its bright palette and sharp veining, Calacatta marble is a popular choice for kitchens. That’s why quartz producers are replicating this elegant stone, creating a product that has the intrinsic beauty of marble and the resilience of quartz. If this is your preferred stone, HGB will introduce you to the right Calgary supplier, so you can make the best selection for your home or business.


Gone are the days of being limited to a polished surface when it comes to selecting your preferred stone for your countertops. The type of finish you choose will go a long way to enhancing your other design selections in your home or business. In the world of interior design and decorating, texture is as important as color. Both work together to create a harmonious atmosphere that is appealing to the eye and touch. Today’s stone suppliers and fabricators know this, and they are now offering their product in a variety of finishes, such as leather, honed, and polished. 

There are more, of course, but we have limited it to the most popular choices. Descriptions of each are provided to give you an idea as to how you can add a level of depth to your HGBStone installation project that you might not have considered.

black granite background, with abstract geometric pattern, top view

Milestone our gallery


If you’re looking for a countertop that has a leathery feel to it, and a delicate sheen that tempers the colors and patterns of natural stone, then a leathered finish might be right for you. Also called a “river wash” or “antiqued” finish, a leathering machine “brushes” the stone until a grainy surface is revealed. Ideally suited for darker stones, color enhancer is added to boost its natural colors. Even so, leathered stone has a mellow, natural appearance that works well if you’re trying to achieve a rustic look in your home or business. Leathering isn’t limited to natural stone either. Today’s quartz suppliers recognize the appeal of leathered stone, and they are now producing slabs that have this flinty appearance.


Honed stone has a matte finish that is smooth to the touch. Stone is “chaffed” mechanically until it is silky soft. Imperfections are removed through this process, so that the natural brightness of the stone is revealed. Honed stone is ideal if you have a “relaxed” design style. It’s also great if you have kids or pets – scratches are less visible. You don’t have to worry about maintaining a high-gloss finish, meaning it’s easier to maintain. HGBStone purchases our “honed” stone slabs directly from our suppliers. Once again, many quartz producers are crafting “honed” slabs, with engineered “concrete” quickly becoming a favorite countertop choice.


Despite the other options, a “polished” finish is still the most popular selection for natural stone and quartz countertops. Sophisticated, elegant, refined – polished stone shines like a jewel and, once installed, it is like any other work of art in your home or business. Natural stone is a diamond in the rough. Polishing a slab reveals its true personality and every colorful nuance. Veins, fissures, and crystals pop equally, giving a well-dressed look to your surroundings.


The finishing edge you choose for your stone installation project is a complement to the design style you’re trying to achieve in your home or business. 

Milestone our gallery

The majority of HGBStone customers prefer the sleek and simple “Eased” edge. It’s a straight, polished edge that suits today’s modern kitchens and bathrooms, especially if you have shaker-style or flat-panel cabinet doors. The striking curve of an “Ogee” edge is more traditional, although it works well on a show-stopping island that is the focal point of your kitchen and a stand-alone piece of art worthy of extra detailing. The rounded “Waterfall” edge is fashionable when you want your stone countertops to flow vertically to the floor, although the “Eased” edge is also popular for this trend. The rounded Bullnose and angular Beveled edges are selected less these days, probably because they suit traditional cabinetry. Provided are examples of the finishing edges crafted at HGBStone. The Eased, ¼ Round, and ¼ Bevel edges are the standard choices included in your quote. There is a per linear foot upcharge for the other finishing edges, which will be discussed during your stone selection appointment. Whether you have visions of a sweeping stone waterfall on your kitchen island, or a “Chiseled” edge for your bar that suits your rustic design, the staff at HGBStone will help you make the right choice.

Quartz surface for bathroom or kitchen countertop
Once HGB has installed your stunning stone countertops, you’ll want to keep them in pristine condition. With respect to granite, marble, quartzite, and other natural stone products, HGB recommends that you seal them at least once a year so that they maintain their luster and resilience. Stone sealers can be purchased at the HGBStone showroom, where the staff can offer you tips on how to use them. Since quartz is an engineered stone, sealing is not required. Nevertheless, there are products available to help you keep your quartz looking its best. When it comes to cleaning your stone, HGB recommends that you use a soft cloth with mild detergent and water. Staining can occur, and when that happens we advise that you use a professional granite/quartz cleaner. Once again, these can be purchased at the HGBStone showroom. HGBStone can also provide a service call if you need assistance removing a stubborn stain. It’s our goal to keep your stone in pristine condition for years to come.

HGBStone is about selling, fabricating and installing natural stone and engineered quartz first and foremost, but we also carry and/or represent other products that either enhance the beauty of your newly-installed stone or make it easier for you to complete your renovation project. Whether you want Corian® Solid Surface countertops, Pearl® sinks and faucets, or GranQuartz™ products to keep your natural stone/quartz looking shiny and new, HGBStone is your one-stop shopping experience and your gateway to our list of preferred suppliers, designers, and contractors. We will work together to make your renovation dreams a reality.

Milestone our gallery

A. Corian®

For over 50 years, Corian has been the leader in acrylic solid surface. Non-porous and hygienic, Corian is the surface of choice for healthcare, food service, hospitality, schools, and for homeowners. Seams are in-conspicuous and they are also non-porous. The nice thing about Corian is that it can be repaired and restored to its pristine condition by a qualified fabricator. Corian is made in North America at a DuPont® Zero Landfill facility, and it’s stocked locally. Integrated sinks made from Corian can be undermounted to the surface, leaving no undermount “lip”. This means there is no place for dirt and germs to hide.

HGBStone sells the entire range of Corian Solid Surface products, including Corian Quartz. To view Corian Solid Surface and Corian Quartz products, you can visit http://www.4willis.com/. We also invite you to join us at the HGBStone showroom to see our selection of samples. Be sure to ask about Dupont’s™ Charging Surface, and how it can wirelessly charge your smart devices in your home or business.

B. Pearl®

HGBStone is pleased to sell Pearl’s beautifully-designed sinks and faucets. Pearl is one of the most prominent kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixture manufacturers in Canada, with thanks to the superb quality and great value of their unique product line. HGBStone offers our clients excellent pricing for Pearl products, and sink installation is always included in your quote. Whether you’re looking to purchase a well-designed kitchen sink or a stylish faucet for your powder room, you will be able to find the ideal Pearl product at HGBStone.